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North Texas Automotive Museum

The NTX Automotive Museum has a large collection of Classic, Antique, Muscle, Hot Rod and Sports Cars on display year round. A true car lovers paradise!

The Museum is divided in different sections ranging from our year round Mercedes Display, European Automobile section, Consignment vehicles and vehicles on loan by their owners.

Currently we have 80 automobiles on display and rotate inventory on a daily base.

You will find brands like Mercedes, Rolls-Royce, Chevy, Ford, Oldsmobile, BMW, Alfa Romeo, Jaguar and models like Super Snake, Firebird, M6, SLR McLaren, Gull-wing, E-Type and many more.

We have a reproduction of the Mercedes 540K and a reproduction of the Mercedes 300SL Gull-wing.

Currently we have the Custom Ford Pick-up (Build by Boyd Coddington) on display that belongs to Don Nelson (NBA, Dallas Mavericks Coach).

Our Museum is always interested in 1950's and younger Mercedes.
Wanted Cars: SL300, 300SC, all Mercedes before 1960

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