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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of the museum?
The building was built in 1980 and has been a famous jewelry distributor and a national call center for a fortune 500 company. In 2007 a long time dream was fulfilled when the building was re-purposed as an Automobile Museum. Working very closely with city officials who desired to have a cultural institution in the booming area adjacent to the University of Texas at Dallas, we opened to the public in 2009, giving the community the chance to learn about the history of the automobile and to see a first rate collection of vintage, luxury, classic, muscle cars.

Who owns the cars?
The cars belong to several owners who have a passion for automobiles and wish to display them for the public to enjoy.

Can the Museum be rented for private events?
Yes. There are 4 ballrooms available which range in size from 1,883-14,000 square feet. These distinctive rooms can accommodate 50-1,500 people for Dallas corporate, social, and public events.

What does the rental rate include?
The base rental rate includes free access to the museum for all of your quests without paying admission. Free parking is also included; however, tables, chairs, linen, and security are additional.

Can I bring in my own catering?
We have a list of approved caterers who are both diverse in cuisine and reasonable in price. In addition to traditional menus, this list includes Kosher, Nigerian, Indian, Vegetarian and Ethiopian options. In
very rare circumstances, exceptions may be made as long as certain conditions are met and additional
fees are paid.

Can I bring in my own alcohol?
While most of our caterers have a Texas Alcoholic and Beverage Control (TABC) license and can provide bar and wine service to support your event, we also will allow you to bring in your own alcohol,
as long as the caterer provides a TABC trained bartender to serve. Because they often leak,
galvanized tubs may not be used for icing down beverages. In addition, keg beer is prohibited in the venue.

When are payments due?
Traditionally, 25% of the estimated total event cost is due at execution of the rental agreement and this is the only way that a date is confirmed. An additional 25% is due 60 days prior, and the remaining 50% is due 30 days prior. However, certain large events, and events that occur on holidays may require a more substantial deposit. Any residual amount due, such as extended hours, additional tables, chairs, linen, or guest overages, will be due within 48 hours after the event.

Is there a security deposit?
Yes, there is a $1,000 refundable cleaning deposit and a $500 refundable damage deposit. These are due 30 days prior to the event, and will be refunded with 10 days after the event.

How much time do I have for set up?
Generally, the 7 hour time allowance for your event includes 2 hours for set up and 1 hour for clean up and load out. Time may be added for an additional cost, subject to availability. If you have vendors who may need to make a delivery, they must use the dock area located on the West side of the building. We are not responsible for items left in the building.

Can I set up my own Tables and Chairs?
No. We have tables and chairs available which we will have set up for you before your rental period begins, which saves you money. Our floors are one of our most beautiful features and we do not drag tables. They are set into place by our banqueting staff. If you desire a special chair, we will rent them and set them up for you.

Can I bring in my own table clothes and chair covers?
We have our own inventory of white tablecloths and chair covers, and can supply you with overlays in a variety of color and fabrics at a very competitive price. By allowing us to supply these, they are properly draped on each table, or placed on each chair before your rental period begins, saving you money.

Can I bring in my own security?
No. The role of the security officer (allow one per 250 guests) is to protect your guests from damaging the collection of rare and expensive automobiles. Damages may result in forfeiture of the required $500 refundable damage deposit.

Is there a charge for parking?
No. Parking is included. We have 450 parking places that are secure and well lit and have handicapped slots.

Why is there an Administrative Fee?
Like many venues we do charge a fee over and above the rental charge. However, ours is 10% - less than half - of what most hotels and other similar venues charge. This Administrative Fee helps the museum cover overhead, documentation, preparations, and proper management of the event. This is not intended to be a service charge, tip, or gratuity for the catering wait staff, employees or bartenders.

How are the acoustics?
Due to soft ceiling treatments, the acoustics are excellent. However, if you are using all of the Large Platinum Room we suggest that your band, DJ, or audio visual vendor use a delayed speaker system.

Are there any limitations on decorations?
Yes. It is critical to our sponsors that we protect the integrity of the museum. Therefore, no hazardous, poisonous and/or flammable materials may be used at the venue, including the immediate vicinity outside the venue. The following items are also prohibited: helium-filled balloons, glue, paint, nails, tacks, screws, glitter, tape (except gaffers tape for the purpose of securing cables to the floor), marbles, confetti, rice, decals, stickers, silly string, sand, sawdust, glue, tape, nails, screws or staples, sparklers and other similar materials. No animals, other than those providing assistance to guests with disabilities, are allowed. No open flames are permitted; only pre-approved votives are allowed on reception tables.

Can we drop rose petals or throw birdseed?
You may drop only artificial rose petals during your wedding, since real ones have a staining quality that may damage the floors. However, Bubbles, birdseed and rice may be used outside. Sparklers are considered fireworks and are not allowed by city ordinance.

When may we schedule a wedding rehearsal?
If no other event is booked the day prior, a 2 hour wedding rehearsal will be allowed at no charge during regular operating hours. If the wedding rehearsal occurs outside of these hours, there will be a $150.00 charge to keep the museum open.

May we have a bridal portrait taken at NTX?
Yes. Bridal portraits may be taken at the venue during regular operating hours at no charge if the wedding is being held at NTX. If not, there is a $150.00 photography fee which covers 2 hours of access. You are not permitted to touch the cars.

Are there any hotels nearby for my out-of-town guests?
Yes, the Doubletree Dallas Richardson is located within two miles and offers a special NTX rate of $69.